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ISO 20000 Certification - Foundation

The ISO 20000 personal certification scheme was drawn together by one of the worlds pre-eminent organizations associated with IT Service Management certification, EXIN. It basically replaced their earlier Service Quality Management Framework (SQMF) scheme, and consists of about 75% of of its course content.

The main elements of the basic exam are:
ISO 20000-1 Information Technology Service Management (Part 1)
ISO 20000-2 Information Technology Service Management (Part 2)

Like the ITIL certification scheme, it comprises various levels. These break into two 'tracks': the IT Management track and the Auditing track. The first level for both of these, however, is ISO 20000 Foundation.

Objectives of the scheme include:
  • learn about the ISO 20000 standard
  • support the organization with respect to of ISO20000 implementation
  • improve management and auditing proficiency
  • gain audit/management/consulting certification


The first level, ISO 20000 Foundation Certification, can be achieved by self study, and through local examination at a Prometric location. The first downlodable self study course is detailed here: ISO 20000 Foundation Certification